PCR Tests

ICG is now offering its COVID-19 PCR tests on a DTP (Direct To Public) and B2B (Business To Business) basis. We are committed to releasing results in 48-72 hours of collecting the sample or within 24 hours of receipt by the lab in Kansas.

DTP – Direct to Public

Individuals needing a COVID-19 PCR can now obtain a testing kit in two ways:

Order Online

Order the kit online via our website. We will mail the kit directly to your residence or preferred location.



Obtain a testing kit from one of our dedicated sites. We are currently expanding our collection sites and adding sites weekly.

Individuals can purchase or obtain the kits in advance as well. Whether you need the test for travel, a concert, a wedding or other scenarios, you can pick up the kit and use it as needed. For detection of COVID-19 for individuals with symptoms or exposure, you can expedite the kit and results for release within 24 hours of our lab receiving the kit.


B2B (Business to Business)

This program is designed for businesses with constant needs for testing their employees or customers such as large construction companies or travel agencies. By partnering with ICG, you will have a direct relationship with our lab for processing samples received from your business. ICG will provide on-site collection bins and kits. Businesses can offer the tests to their staff, employees, or visitors, collect the contents of the bins daily and forward to the lab for processing. Businesses can offer this as an added value to their clients or staff where ICG can bill the business directly or offer it as an option where ICG can bill the patient or patient insurance directly. ICG is committed to processing all samples received within 24 hours of receipt by the lab and results will be release immediately.


Drop Off Locations



To find out more about our B2B program and how to get your collection Bin for your business, please contact us at 602-430-4269 or email us at


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